The Life and Death of Strahd Von Zarovich Part 1

By : John Doroschuk

Featuring: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


When you vanquished Strahd the first time, there was also a chance he would return. Now, he invites you back for one last meal.

Content warning - Game may have content that is not suitable for younger players!


Strahd was vanquished by your party years ago. However, news has spread that the mists have returned and with one of your old ally's having gone missing, the time to journey back to Barovia has fallen upon you. Upon your arrival, you were greeted by a servant of Strahd with one final proclamation, a dinner invitation in the town of Barovia. This game is designed for those who have played (or know about its setting), yet you do not need to have played Curse of Strahd in order to enjoy it.


  1. Antoine
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