A Ghost Ship in Kuhrind Cove

By : Carla Scott

Featuring: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


D. Carlisle has inherited a fortune, including a fully functioning Spelljammer - unfortunately it is haunted and possibly cursed.


*This is a lighthearted & silly game* Darlington Carlisle has arrived to claim his inheritance at the nearby Carlisle estate. He has had notices posted all over town asking anyone brave enough to aid him in claiming the capstone to a vast inheritance - a Spelljammer ship. The reward is immense, and the mission is seemingly straightforward. Seize the ship, uncover the mystery of the haunted vessel and cleanse it of the supernatural horrors. But things are rarely as they seem


  1. Elan Brink
  2. Nathan Vonan Nox
  3. Rebekah Duprey
  4. Destine
  5. Andrew McAllister
  6. Joseph Preece

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