To ensure the most people can try out a new game or dip into an old favourite, we've got a brand new sign-up system!

I want to play games

We're doing things Kickstarter style so our generous game masters always prepare for sessions that have players and never face the abject sadness that is an empty table.

To play:

  1. Register here
  2. Find and Sign-up For a Game
  3. If 4 or more players sign-up, the game will run - so recruit your friends!
  4. You'll get a message confirming your game time and location - show up then and there to play!

Some rules of play to keep in mind:

  • Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes
  • Sessions must accommodate up to 6 players
  • Game masters will bring everything players need to play, but you're welcome to BYOD

I want to host a game

Once you've registered, you can apply to be a GM and add games to the games list

  1. Register here
  2. Apply to be a Game Master (no robots!)
  3. Submit your game & Recruit Players - Get 4 sign-ups and your game will run
  4. Once your game is confirmed - start prepping to run an awesome session.

If you get 3 sessions confirmed, you earn yourself a Day Pass. If you get 6 sessions confirmed, you get a 3-day pass.

Interested in joining the elite ranks of gamemaster special forces, ready to run ad-hoc sessions on a moment's notice? Contact us:


Why all this? Seems kinda complicated.

It is as little, the Slow Lorises worked very hard. Thing is, lots of times GMs show up prepped and ready to play and then...just sit there, pining for the fjords players.

That's a lot of work for nobody to enjoy! With the kickstarter model - only games with real, living breathing (mostly) committed players take the time of our GMs. Yeah, it's a little up-front bureaucracy...but have you seen Pathfinder* character creation?

* - the Slow Lorises love Pathfinder!

Can't I just show up and play?

You can! We'll have some GMs on-hand ready to run from a small variety of systems but registering means you have more choice of games and GMs don't prep for empty tables!

What happens if:

... someone registers for everything?

The Slow Lorises established a cap of 8 pending games per user. You'll have to withdraw from a game or, better yet, get a game confirmed before you can sign up for a new one.

... a player withdraws from a game that's confirmed?

Confirmed games remain confirmed unless the Gamemaster wishes to delete or revert the game.

... there are more games for a given timeslot than tables?

Tables are assigned on a first-confirmed, first-served basis. Game that confirm once on tables are full will be scheduled for an adjacent timeslot if possible.

... I sign up for multiple games in the same timeslot?

When a game is confirmed, players are automatically withdrawn from any pending games that conflict.

... someone puts in a fake name?

That's how people will address them until that person chooses to tell them otherwise - so even if it isn't their real name, it should probably be something they're comfortable being called.

... someone doesn't put in their pronouns?

People will do their best to respect that person's privacy.

Contact Us!

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here. Email our crack team of slow lorises at

pen and ink drawing of a slow loris, a noctural strepsirrhine primate.
An artist's depiction of the a member of the slow loris gaming squad - they are without number, they are legion, and they will know no fear (that's a lie, we are very scared).